Our Projects

Voice of freedom foundation was born out of a passionate vision of giving voice to the voiceless which in a nutshell involves victims of human trafficking, the orphans, the less privileged and the widows.

These three categories of people had to also come into the vision, because I thought about the fact that when widows who don’t have any means of income become desperate for means of survival, they may contribute to pressuring their children into sex trade for money. But when these widows are financially and emotionally empowered, they would be able to take care of their children, who would have been vulnerable to these traffickers.

Below are some of the ongoing projects and we need your support.

Support for 10 Nigerian returnee Girls from Libya

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Presently, our urgent projects we are working on is to help 10 Nigerian girls who were parts of the...
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Support for Orphanages Ghana

0% Donated/€60,000 To Go
Recently, one of our representatives visited Ghana and paid visits to some orphanage homes in the country, she saw...
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0% Donated/€120,000 To Go
Imagine you couldn’t read anything on this page, lmagine walking down the street, not being able to add up...
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Help The Widows

0% Donated/€10,000 To Go
At Voice of Freedom, we seek to provide accommodation, clothes feeding and financial assistance  to widows to help them...
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Voice of Freedom foundation offers a great opportunity to care for. Restore and plant seeds of hope in the...
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In return for your support/assistance we want to use the logo’s of the companies that support us on our website, t-shirts and our social media pages.

We cannot change the world but we can touch the life of one person out there.