What We Do

We at Voice of Freedom are passionate about what we do. We help the less privileged such as  orphans, widows etc achieve a desired socio-economic change.  We provide series of events and activities to address economic development, unemployment, youth leadership, capacity building and also encourage active and vocal communities participation and promoting education and learning.

These programmes and  activities provide opportunities for our women and youth to attain sustainable development and employability.

Our Nigerian Team

Our Key Areas Include:

Helping Orphans

At Voice of Freedom, we help change the lives of the less privileged: the orphans, homeless, widows e.t.c. We believe in making a big difference by making the attention and love offering while working to see to the fulfillment of the less privileged ones.providing accommodation,clothing education, counseling and social amenities.


At Voice of Freedom, we are involved in the accommodation of orphans and destitute. We are still exploring new ways and opportunities for aids, grants and assistance  from people that has the heart for the less privileged in our society at large


At Voice of Freedom, we seek to provide accommodation, clothes feeding and financial assistance  to widows to help them get integrated In the society at ease.

To see them back on their feet again, we provide counseling  through series of seminars.

Human Trafficking

We also undertake a number of other projects that directly and indirectly help victims and potential victims. These projects provide direct aid to women and girls—giving women economic tools and skills to achieve financial empowerment and independence:

Show your Support

A gift of any size helps us to support the the less privileged whether it’s assisting with medical bills for widows, helping with education costs or funding programs including camps and activity days.

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